Friday, August 31, 2012

happy weekend!

haha i don't even know

- - - - -

it's finally labor day weekend! YES i said finally...haven't you been listening to me talk about fall fall fall?? i'm so happy september is almost here. (only 8 more hours! not like i'm counting or anything.) to say goodbye to summer, we are heading to two different family bbqs on sunday and then spending the night at mom-mom and pop-pop's house sunday night into monday. i can't wait to spend some time with them! what are your plans for your long weekend? enjoy!

- genius gift idea for a tired mama!

- polaroid coasters. love this idea, will definitely be trying it.

- things you might not know about lead poisoning. thanks for all the great info melissa!

- i love this little sticker! it comes in print form too.

- cute shop.

- i want to see this movie!

- DIY color blocked shoes. i'll definitely be trying this one too. i have the perfect pair of flats to use.

- interested in montessori? here's some intro activites from randalin over at harvesting kale.

- so what if i want this book just because i like the cover?

- bacon hearts!

- lovely words.

- the coziest outfit i ever did see.


  1. Great links! ummm bacon hearts...yes please!

    1. right?! i think i'm gonna make them for breakfast tomorrow :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! And, um, bacon hearts? Amazing.

    1. no prob :) and YUP great idea right??