Tuesday, August 7, 2012

little bits

we had a pretty hectic day today. norah and i were out running around for a good five hours which i REALLY don't like doing for her sake. i remember when i used to get dragged along when my parents ran errands and i would get so bored! at least i had my brother for company. poor kid couldn't get away from me even if she wanted to today. but it was just one of those days and the to-do list had to get done. i tried to fit in some fun for norah along the way. here are some little bits of our day:

first stop - COFFEE. we went to the green planet in manasquan. i haven't been there since before i moved to south jersey (almost 5 years ago!). i love their iced coffee, and i also got a morning glory muffin that little mouse stole half of :)

my cute date. that couch ate her up.

couldn't get any pictures inside the thrift store because SOMEONE was running all over, but here's what we scored today. i'm so excited about all this! check back on thursday for an in-depth post on our findings. norah was pumped about that little red box. i kept suggesting things to put in it. she kept saying "no...no..." but when i said her horsies she said "OK!!!" i hope they fit :)

fast asleep at trader joe's so mama got to shop her heart out :) i went a little overboard, but how could i not. i love that place! 

finally home. veggie burger with cheese for a late lunch. apparently that piece was pretty interesting.

FEED ALL THE BABIES! i love her growing interest in her baby dolls. she has a little stroller that she pushes them in, and she'll feed them and cover them with a dish towel ("banket") before her own nap. such a little mommy.

snuggles under this cozy blanket. this is my favorite part of today. of every day, really.

forgot something at the store, so while norah napped i ran back out. i felt like i was sitting in this spot all day.

"cheers!" - norah
treat: trader joe's mango cream bars. SO yummy, but a little hard to eat. (i thought they were on sticks like a popsicle but you have to push the bar up through the wrapper. good thing i read the directions before tearing into mine :P )

toes in the grass. we couldn't do this for too long since the mosquitos were out to get us. i do love the summer, but i just CANNOT WAIT for fall!


  1. Looks like you had a nice day with her. By the way I love that dress. I have the same one!

    1. thanks! isn't this dress awesome? i love it, so pretty :)