Friday, August 10, 2012

happy weekend!

glowsticks in the bathtub!

- - - - -

friday already! this week went so fast. what are your plans for the weekend? as of right now we've got nothing going on but i'm sure we'll find something fun to do. i've got a project that i need a big strong husband to help me with so hopefully we can get that done. and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to see what it is on monday :) here are some fun links to hold you over until then.

- sweet way to announce the baby's gender

- 50 rules for dads with daughters. such a sweet post.

- AND, rules for a really great marriage while we're at it.

- i need an attic just for this.

- glitter walls! glitter! i would like this on a ceiling too.

- it's all about perspective.

- stumbled upon this kid's consignment shop earlier today. i'll be spending a LOT of time on here :)

- the "best time to buy" guide. great to know!

- birthday freebies! i'll be signing up for many of these.

- we can all learn a lot from the berenstain bears.

- great advice.

- a hilarious video my brother sent me. i absolutely HATE this song, but i endure it just for this guy.


  1. Norah is raving in the tub:)
    PS I LOVE the Berenstain Bears!!! I found 4 books at the thrift shop a few weeks ago and didn't hesitate to buy them! I don't buy a lot of books because I get them from the library, but we make exceptions for Berenstain Bears :)Best. Books. EVER. :) :) :) :) And I learn from them too :)

    1. i love them too! my parents saved all my old books from when i was little so we've got a berenstain bears library over here :)

  2. That consignment shop is awesome! Bookmarked and how! And your blog is adorable. Hope your weekend is going strong :)