Thursday, August 16, 2012

thrifting thursday // v.5

hey guys! i'm pretty excited for this weeks thrifting post. in addition to my own finds, i'd like to invite you to liz's blog, the blue eyed owl, where i am guest-posting and sharing my top thrifting tips! this is my first time doing a guest post and i'm pretty pumped haha.

so here's the finds from this week:

so excited! craft supplies on the cheap!

i love embroidery hoops. they can be used for so many things. i ESPECIALLY love embroidery hoops when they are only $.25 each!

left over fabric ribbon. thinking of making some garland for norah's room out of this.

the cutest little deer. it's actually a salt or pepper shaker but the other piece was missing. it's sitting on the shelf in norah's room next to her little piggy from three weeks ago.

a tiny bucket for chalk! i'm going to attach this to the chalkboard i made for norah the other day so chalk doesn't end up all over the room. (who am i kidding, it will be everywhere)

this is a curtain but i'm just going to use it for the fabric. 

a lone placemat. again, just using it for the fabric.

i don't really know what this is. a scarf? a cloth napkin? i just loved the pretty pattern. it's hanging on norah's wall.


a norah-sized rocking chair! i didn't include this in the first picture because norah's pop pop bought this for her, not me. it did come from the same store on the same day though! it's perfect, just needed a little wood glue to tighten up the arms. i think i'd like to paint it but i can't decide on a color!

thanks for reading, and don't forget to visit the blue eyed owl for some thrifting tips :)


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    1. so do i! i don't know exactly what i'm going to use it for yet but when i saw it i just HAD to have it!

  2. Sister, I love Thrifting Thursday, but I'd like it even better if you showed us what you did with all that you did with the dresser. :) I like to see the finished products because you're good at that stuff and I'm not so I want to copy everything and steal your ideas :)

    1. hahaha i actually planned on doing that! i'm hopefully going to put all those hoops and fabric together over the weekend and re-do norah's room decorations. if i can get my act together i'll have a post on it next week :)

  3. i just recently thrifted a scarf because i loved the pattern and am using it as art... great minds think alike, i guess! ;) adorable finds.
    i left you a little comment over at tbeo, btw.

    1. i agree, great minds ;) i saw this post on pinterest: and now i'm on the hunt for more scarves or pretty cloth napkins to replicate this!

    2. i just went to tbeo ... i didn't see a comment?

  4. Oh...You were in the right place at the right time! Isn't thrifting just the most fun? I'd rather head for the thrift shop, anyday, than head for the Mall!
    I love your little rocking chair...and, wonder if you will paint it or leave it brown.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.

    1. same here! occasionally i like going to the mall (i LOVE h&m, forever21, and old navy. they have the best sales!) but thrift stores are definitely the most fun.

      i do want to paint the chair but i'm stuck on a color! i might just do a basic white and make a little seat cushion in a fun fabric. we'll see :)

  5. These finds are amazing!! So glad I found your blog!!! I love thrifting!! I have a thrifting link party startinjg soon. Hope you can link up! :)
    xo sandra

    1. thank you! i'd love to link up. let me know when you get it going :)