Thursday, August 23, 2012

thrifting thursday // v.6

you guys....i love thrifting. i love bargains. i love cheap treasures. but... i think i love it all a little TOO much. after mandy talked about "detoxing" her high on thrifting posts it made me think about my own thrifting habits. i definitely go just because i feel like it most of the time. not because there's anything specific that i'm looking for or anything that i really need, but just because it's fun and gives me something to do. even though i'm getting everything super cheap, i'm still accumulating way more stuff than we actually need.

mandy decided to stop blogging about thrifting all together. i'm not going to do THAT. at least not yet- i just started! plus i think it's fun to showcase the amazing deals you can find. i also think it's great to bring a positive light to shopping second hand because i know a lot of people think it's weird, or even gross! but i am going to start spacing out these posts instead of writing one a week. i'll post as i find something truly awesome and worth talking about so don't worry, there WILL be more! i just don't know when the next one will be. 

with that said, here is the find of the week (year??):

mark and i found this cozy coupe (i think that's what they're called) at a yard sale last weekend for only $10. the guy had SIX of them to start with. by the time we got there there were three left. we picked the one with the least amount of cracked wheels ;)

we each had this little car when we were little (who didn't?!) so we've been searching craigslist for one for norah for the past couple of months but with no luck. finally, we drove past this yard sale and scored one!

we're definitely happy with our find and i think it's obvious that she is too!

until next time...


  1. My sister just gave us a Cozy Coupe she found at a yard sale. I swear, when someone has one, they have 3+ because she got two then and they had more. I plan on spray painting ours though because it's a little on the faded side. Way better than $60 for a new one!

    1. haha that's too funny! i didn't ask, but maybe the guy had six kids?? who knows!

      my husband joked about spray painting it flat black (not happening). are you spray painting yours another color? or just going back over the red and yellow?

    2. I think we are going to paint it purple and pink, or maybe turquoise and some other fun color. I don't think I will get to it this year- she can't really use it now anyway. So next year I'll spruce it up a bit.

      Have you seen the christmas photo of the little boy in the cozy coupe with a tiny christmas tree on top? I was thinking of doing that for christmas photos.

    3. cute!

      and YES I HAVE! i thought of doing the same thing too!! haha that, or i like the one of the kid tied up with christmas lights and tape over his mouth. the caption says "wishing you a silent night" or something like that hehe. i think my daughter is too young for that one though!

  2. she is ADORABLE! i've always wanted to find my DD that car, but never got around to it. at least she has them at preschool :) love your blog!

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  3. she's so cute! I agree...i dont post weekly either (although it would be awesome to!) thanks for linking up!