Thursday, August 16, 2012

the bearded baby

this girl LOVES to get messy. anytime she has paint, markers, chalk, FOOD, etc. it always ends up all over her arms, legs, and face and not just because she's a slob. she purposely paints or draws all over herself and thinks it's absolutely hilarious. which in turn makes ME think it's absolutely hilarious. i'm going to be in trouble if this is still how she paints and colors once she gets to preschool ;) 

today we used crayola fingerpaint and this was the result: 

so happy

this happened about 5 seconds in

oh yea, rub it in girl

don't forget your forehead

lol mom


i really am not a fan of cleaning up messes like these (who is?!). the paint gets everywhere! every little nook, on the chair, on the floor, on the table, plus she was covered head to toe. activities like this always require a bath afterwards. but if that smile is a result of making huge messes then i say BRING IT ON!

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last photo was entered here ("green"):

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