Wednesday, March 6, 2013

getting in...

sadly, this little blog of mine has been put on the back-burner. ever since I went back to work I've felt spread too thin. I started subbing at a local preschool while simultaneously opening an Instagram shop (@shoplittlemouse - come find me!) so any spare time I've had I've solely focused on my family. blogging just didn't fit in this past month or two.

however, my hours at the school are slowing down and I'll be home with Norah more so we're not going anywhere just yet.

the one positive outcome of this busy period is that my downtime was not spent on the computer or my phone. It's been much easier to separate work time from play time because I've been forced to. When I was home full time it was too easy to go on my phone or sit at my desk, in the room with Norah but not really there. Now it's much easier to put those things aside and spend quality, hands-on time with my family.

we even have some evenings like this:

though i've been exhausted, i'm grateful. not only for the fact that i HAVE a job (or two!) but that it's helped me to start managing my time better. when i can set aside certain periods of time for work, blogging, IG shop work, etc. it is more likely that i can say yes to norah every time she asks me to play, or color, or sing, or get in the bath tub with her... 

tonight when norah said "mommy take a bath too?" i hopped right in, no questions asked. i wasn't too busy on my phone, my mind wasn't anywhere else, i just got right in. she gave me a bubble beard and i styled her hair. we splashed back and forth (tidal waves!) and i showed her how to blow bubbles in the water. we stayed in well past her bedtime, fingers and toes pruned and both of us ice cold. but you know what? she had a huge smile on her face the entire time

and so did I.

we're back at work/school tomorrow, but i look forward to what evening will bring.

Monday, February 11, 2013

makin' it monday // valentines

after seeing these adorable printables i knew i wanted to make something similar for norah to take to her classmates on valentine's day! however she is two and her friends are all either two or under, so i didn't want to use pencils. luckily i found a pack of bubbles at target (where else, love target) and i used those instead!

i kept the general idea, the bubble tubes were the "arrow" and instead of printing, i just drew on the paper with a fine point sharpie. easy!

you will need:
 the paper i used was a heavy cardstock. poster board would work well too!

I simply cut strips of paper for each valentine (approximately 2"x5"). Using a knife, slice two openings (about 1.5" in from each end and a little over 1" long) for the bubbles and slide them in. I addressed each valentine individually.

On the front, I drew an arrow and decorated each one with mini hearts and stripes.

Norah already keeps trying to get to them so I know her classmates will love them too! I also have a great plan for her teachers' gifts :) I'll be sure to post about those as well.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

is anyone there...?

oh hi, hello, remember me?

remember that time i used to blog?
remember that time when life just got so crazy hectic that the only thing i had time to do is run around trying to get everything done?


life can get really busy sometimes. but i am here, we are alive, we are ok (very tired, but ok) in case anyone out there was wondering....

this is rambly. and honestly, i am SO tired that i can't even bring myself to erase it all and try to write something, anything, that makes sense right now. too tired. too busy and too tired. i need a vacation!