hello! my name is allie. i am wife to mark since april 10, 2010, and mommy to a little mouse a.k.a. squeaky a.k.a. norah bean since january 16, 2011.

i am 26 years old and currently i am a stay at home mama, but before that i worked in a preschool for 3 years. it was there that my true love for children flourished and when i became a mother it only multiplied further.

my goal (and the inspiration for this blog) is to give my daughter the best life possible. i believe that the best life is the simplest life, filled with love, laughter, dreams, and play. childhood is the best time of your life (ask ANYONE) and i want to give my girl the most magical one i can.

along with posts about kiddos and play time, expect to find some about thrifting, home decor, crafting, family, Jesus, fashion, cooking, tattoos, and more. i am a woman of many interests :)

thank you for reading!

p.s. send me an email! i'd love to hear from you :) littlemouseshouse@gmail.com


  1. Hello there :) Found you today via PaperMama's Blog. I've only had a quick look around your blog & already love it. Has such a lovely feel & gorgeous photos.
    Off to

    1. oh my gosh, thanks so much! that was a lovely compliment.. papermama is one of my favorite blogs, i was so excited to see my blog linked up there! thanks also for taking the time to comment. i am a new blogger (long time blog reader - lol) and i finally got the guts to start my own. positive feedback like this makes it much easier to keep it up :) thank you!!

  2. Hi Allie, What a lovely family you have and beautiful blog! I've been following along with you for a while now. I'm quite new to the blogging world but recently received a Liebster award from a fellow blogger in the UK. You must pass on the love and I chose you as one of my recipients. Please check out my blog and join in if you are keen.
    Take care,
    Jen mysentimentaljamboree.blogspot.com