Monday, February 11, 2013

makin' it monday // valentines

after seeing these adorable printables i knew i wanted to make something similar for norah to take to her classmates on valentine's day! however she is two and her friends are all either two or under, so i didn't want to use pencils. luckily i found a pack of bubbles at target (where else, love target) and i used those instead!

i kept the general idea, the bubble tubes were the "arrow" and instead of printing, i just drew on the paper with a fine point sharpie. easy!

you will need:
 the paper i used was a heavy cardstock. poster board would work well too!

I simply cut strips of paper for each valentine (approximately 2"x5"). Using a knife, slice two openings (about 1.5" in from each end and a little over 1" long) for the bubbles and slide them in. I addressed each valentine individually.

On the front, I drew an arrow and decorated each one with mini hearts and stripes.

Norah already keeps trying to get to them so I know her classmates will love them too! I also have a great plan for her teachers' gifts :) I'll be sure to post about those as well.

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