Thursday, August 30, 2012

currently, plus playing in a plant

so the other day my mom was watering the plants. she spilled some water on the floor, walked away to get a towel, and when she came back, found this:

little booger ;) of course i let her play in it, because why not it's just water. it obviously required an outfit change but oh well. anything really fun probably will!

- - - - -

and since it's almost the end of the month i thought i would do another currently post! i like these, and i think i'll be doing them once a month from now on. it will be nice to look back and remember a little about what was going on in our world at the time. here goes:

LOVING: that my little blog is growing! for the longest time i put off starting my own because i was scared to take a chance on it. i loved (and still love) reading other blogs and i always thought it could be the coolest job in the world. only i was afraid that no one would like what i had to say, or worse, no one would even care. eventually i decided that enough was enough. i was home all day with norah and i had the time to work on it so 2 1/2 months ago i just went for it. i figured i would write it for me, as a creative outlet, and if people liked it, GREAT and if people didn't oh well. i needed to do something for me, if nothing else. to my delight, it started to grow! slowly, but surely! i would LOVE to see this keep growing and eventually become my job.

READING: i've got two books on my nightstand right now. the first is a million little pieces by james frey. i've actually already read this one a long time ago, but the last time i was at the library it caught my eye so i grabbed it. i remember loving it the first time around, but this time it's taking me a really long time to get through. i've had it for almost two weeks now and i'm only half way in. i guess it's because it's not as relevant to me now as it was 5 or 6 years ago when i first read it. the other book is the book of new family traditions by meg cox. i'm really liking this one! family traditions are really important to me. we sort of had some growing up, but they were never consistent. now that i have a family of my own i'd like to continue some traditions while starting some new ones. we have already established a few: cinnamon buns on christmas morning, all three of us watching a movie in a fort and then sleeping in it when it's one of our birthday, and saying our prayers together before norah goes to bed. these are great, but i'd like to have even more and this book is giving me some great ideas! 

WATCHING: weeds and breaking bad still! both are almost over already so i'll have to find something else. i've also started watching the current season of project runway. i absolutely LOVE this show!! i can't get enough! do any of you guys watch? i am totally on team melissa this season. i like sonjia too, but if i had to pick i would go with melissa! 

THINKING ABOUT: going back to work. i can't even believe i'm saying that. i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE being home with norah; it's not about her at all. but right now mark and i are trying to save up for a house and i'm dying to get out of here. if i go back to work, even part time, it will help us save more money faster and then we can buy sooner. living with your parents is one thing, but moving back in with them when you are married with a toddler is extremely hard. we've only been here for 5 months but i'm already ready to be in our own space again! actually, i was ready after about a week haha but now....i'm really ready.

ANTICIPATING: "fall fall fall fall FALL! don't get me wrong, i love summer and it's carefree style, tan skin, and warm nights but fall is my absolute favorite season. i live for it's cool sweater weather, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and the gorgeous colors all around. it's so close!" - i'm not even going to change this answer from last month ;) i can't believe september is only a couple of days away! yayyy!

LISTENING TO: a bit of everything! lately whenever i'm in the car i just put my ipod on shuffle. norah always asks for the same song over and over (the middle east - blood) so i'm trying to find more songs that she likes. i love the middle east too, but i just can't listen to that song 400 times in a row like she could. i also HATE playing "baby" songs in the car. i have a couple of kids dancey sing a long cds in my car but i never play them. i think they are kind of annoying actually. i'd rather her listen to real music!

WORKING ON: getting back on a healthy track. for awhile i was doing really well: running 3-4 days a week and doing something low impact (usually the bike or sometimes elliptical) 1-2 days a week. i was eating clean almost 100% of the time and i was feeling GREAT. i even lost 17 pounds in just a couple of months! last month when we stayed at mark's parents' house i wasn't working out and i was cheating on my diet. then we went to LBI and the same thing happened. so for 2 - 2 1/2 weeks i was off track and i never really got back on. i have definitely been feeling the effects: not only did i gain a couple of pounds back, but i just don't feel as great as i did before! i'm tired a lot and i've been breaking out way more than normal. i'm letting myself slide for the next couple of days and i've decided that september 1st i'm turning it back around! back to at least 90% clean eating, and i'm also thinking of doing jillian michael's 30-day shred. has anyone tried it? i've heard great things!

WISHING: "we were back in south jersey. this move has been pretty tough on us in more ways than one, and we're really missing our home. i know that we'll be back i just hope that it's sooner and not later! though i have to say that being able to stay home with norah for the past four months has been such a blessing. i've wanted this time with her since the day she was born. better late than never!" - gonna leave this one here too.

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  1. I love the look of absolute joy on your daughters face in that first picture :)

    I started the 30 day shred last week and it's kicking my butt! It's too early to think results, but will say that it's at least motivated me to get back into a regular exercise routine. It's also pretty short (20 minutes), so my favourite excuse of "I don't have time" can't really apply.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. hehe thanks :)

      that's what i need: motivation! i was doing so well and then got sidetracked by a couple weeks of vacation :( no good! that's great that it's only 20 mins, i didn't realize it was so short! now i definitely have no excuse hahah

  2. Awww... what a cute story about your daughter. Kids know how to enjoy life at its basic level. We adults forget that and need to be reminded by them.

    I like your blog! Glad to hear it's making you happy. Blogging can be great fun.

    1. thanks! she definitely reminds me of that A LOT :)