Friday, August 24, 2012

happy weekend!

can't get her out of this seat :)

- - - - -

weekend time! what are you guys up to? we have bbqs tomorrow and sunday so we've got nothing planned but eating and playing alllllll day :). i can't believe next weekend is labor day weekend already! so now we have to get as much bbq in as possible before it gets too cold. personally i cannot wait for fall! bring on that cool sweater weather! whatever you're doing i hope it's great. see you on monday!

- an entire board on pinterest dedicated to the zombie apocalypse. i kid you not.

- i love this little fox! so sad that he's sold. check out jen's shop for more.

- even more foxy love!

- this little blogger is only 13 but she's already way cooler than me! check her out. (we emailed back and forth a bit - not only is she adorable, she's super sweet! love her attitude.)

- how to sew the perfect corner.

- this is the worst. i'm speechless!

- SO going to do this with norah.

- pumpkin fro-yo? say whaaaaaaaat??

- not sure how i feel about this necklace but i LOVE her outfit.

- more mustard yellow goodness.

- norah is obsessed with pandas lately so i'm thinking of dressing her as one for halloween. found this cute costume but i'm thinking i can make my own version instead. it's ok to start thinking about halloween in august, right? 

- hahaha. i need to do this.

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