Thursday, August 9, 2012

thrifting thursday // v. 4

i am so excited about this week's finds. i actually had about 10x as much stuff in my hands as i wandered the store but i talked myself down. i had to, i could have easily spent $100 in there! plus, i had norah with me and they don't allow strollers in the store (??) so i was carrying her/chasing her while trying to shop. not the most fun way to browse a thrift store. overall she was pretty good, and she entertained the volunteers by singing, so it was a successful day.

ultimate score!

all kids books were $.25 each ... but THESE! a book AND a record! and for the same price as regular books! i died!

i just liked the cute cover art on this one

a treasure box for norah. small rip on the bottom right corner but easily fixable.

5 doilies for $2? yes please!

sweet cloth napkins

this was leftover quilting fabric. i'm just going to even out the edges and voila! a blanket for norah's babies.

$.50 each, a bargain if i ever saw one. i'll be adding these to norah's wall.

- - - - -

apron thrift girl


  1. Wow! Those are great finds! The blanket is my favorite though. It looks loved but not worn out!

    1. thanks! yea it's not in bad shape at all. the previous owner cut pieces out but all I had to do was even it out and it's good as new!