Monday, September 24, 2012

makin' it monday // footprint mural or - A HUGE MESS!

on saturday we had a warm afternoon so i wanted to get outside and try a "footprint" mural. what started out as innocent feet stomping soon developed into full body mural painting.

needless to say, we did not make a footprint mural this week. we just made a MESS! however, the fun we had was well worth the paint in our hair and all over our arms and legs.

to make your own mess mural, you will need:
- kraft paper (or poster board, newspaper, construction paper, etc.)
- finger paint
- shallow tupperware containers
- toddler who likes to get messy

simply roll out the paper in the grass and squeeze some paint into the containers. hold your child's hands and help them step into the paint, then stomp all over the paper! also, hope that they don't love to smear paint all over their body like mine does ;)

here's how our afternoon went:

nice and innocent feet stomping

hands too? ok no big deal

uh oh

really, norah?

i guess we'll be needing a bath


doing "home alone" // "look sky! paint!" - actual quote

high fives for daddy

and again

so much fun

:) :) :)

i guess she still didn't think she was messy enough...  ::side eye::

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  1. Gorgeous little girl. We are fond of the odd feet mural at our place also, it never ends up clean!

    Holli xo

    1. haha yep, i don't know why i thought i would get clear footprints ;) this was more fun anyway!

  2. I'm so glad I've found your blog! I have daughter a bit younger than yours so I can really use some of the ideas. And it's great to see your daughter always laughing :)

  3. OH.MY.WORD.

    The pictures just kept getting cuter and cuter as I scrolled down.

    What a doll. She is clearly having a BLAST!

    1. hehe thank you! she certainly loves getting messy :)

  4. That looks like OUTRAGEOUS fun! She's utterly gorgeous too. Kellie xx