Friday, September 7, 2012

happy weekend!

the greatest ever. i'll be so sad when she doesn't want to snuggle me anymore.

- - - - -

friday, hooray!  tonight my sister is having a pasta party for her cheerleading team and the seniors on the football team. we're expecting about 70 kids to be here. 70! then tomorrow we're all going to the first high school football game of the season. also sunday is grandparents day, don't forget! what are your plans this weekend? have a great time, and see you all on monday!

- pretty camera straps

- WHY must this top be so expensive? i can't justify spending $75 on a shirt but if i had (someone force me!) to, i'd pick this one.

- swings in a living room! yes please

- i may or may not have started a pinterest board all about pandas. norah might be having a panda birthday party. had to start planning sometime, right? now i have 4 months to pick exactly what i want ;)

- another super cozy fall/winter outfit. love love love.

- great words.

- apple recipes for fall. yummm. 

- cute way to find out the baby's sex

- a very sweet post on birthing

- fridge work station. love this idea.

- looking forward to trying this recipe. anything buffalo = YUM

- keep the magic alive. yes yes one thousand times yes. 

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