Thursday, September 20, 2012

so long, summer

this morning was so very chilly. summer is finally gone but fall is welcomed with open arms. it is my most favorite time of the year. i think many would agree that they can't wait for sweater weather, crunching leaves, or pumpkin flavored coffee. however, there are some things about summer that i'll miss. like walking barefoot in the grass.. staying up late catching fireflies in the backyard.. sitting on the curb eating popsicles.. swimming at night..

i realized that the things i'll miss the most about summer are the things from my own childhood that i hold near to my heart. norah has allowed me to relive these experiences through her and with her and so it is the new memories we make together that i'm sad to move on from.

but now it is fall and we'll have new memories to make and share and next summer will return in less than a year. so we said goodbye to summer on one of the last 80 degree afternoons we'll likely have. i pitched a makeshift 'tent' and we blew bubbles in the grass, barefoot, in the backyard. here's to the memories we made this summer, and all the ones we'll make in the future.

** p.s. i thrifted that checkered sheet ages ago (when i was pregnant!) and i finally brought it out of hiding. isn't it wonderful? one day it will go on norah's big girl bed. :)


  1. everything about this post is just so lovely.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! i'm glad i found a use for my sheet until we move up to a twin bed ;)

  3. what a great thrifting find! these pics are adorable!

  4. That checkered sheet is too adorable! :D Great idea to provide some shade.

  5. Looking through all of the photos and all of your post makes me want to have a little sister! Lovely post :)

  6. My Mother ordered those very sheets from the Sears catalogue for my bed and that was way back in the 70's-I loved those sheets!!

    I'm your newest follower