Wednesday, September 5, 2012

babies on a trampoline

{{ wordless wednesday }}

{ lucy-3, norah-19 months, caleb-17 months, maverick-11 months, and one more coming in february! }

i know this is "wordless" wednesday but i would just like to point out that getting all four cousins together at the same time and then getting a PICTURE of them on top of that is extremely rare. maybe one day they will even LOOK at me when i take it! ;) i can only hope.

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  1. We can see in the photos, there are small babies who enjoy on trampoline, kids can get pure enjoyment and workout too.

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  2. So many smiles! My son loves his grandparents trampoline, too. Congrats on getting them all in the same shot at the same time :)

    1. haha thanks, it's lucky the trampoline was even there or i'm sure a picture would never have happened :)

  3. Fun! It is so hard getting so many babies into one picture and we have also found that having a prop (we've used pools and a wagon) helps so, so much! Love it!

  4. ooh good ideas! the last time we tried this my father in law was literally holding them down on the couch haha :P

  5. This is absolutely adorable! It needs to go in a Hallmark card or something. :)

  6. hehehehe oh my goodness, so fun. Thank you so much for linking up with Love Bug's Photo Show Off! I hope you link again this week!


  7. They are adorable! I love it! Probably after 10 years they'd come to see those pictures and plan to play again but this time on a 12ft trampoline with enclosure.