Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 months old

norah 'turned' 20 months old this past sunday. i've seen other bloggers do updates/stats on their kiddos, sometimes monthly, sometimes just a couple times a year but i always enjoy reading them. maybe you guys will too? either way it's more for my own memory's sake. it's so easy to forget all the little details about only a few months back. the months tend to run together, at least in my head. this can serve as a record for me and if it's entertaining to my lovely readers? bonus! can you tell i have permanent mom-brain? i need all the records/evidence/memory boosters i can get ;)

now for the update! 


stats :

height: 31.5 in
weight: 23 lbs
shirt size: depending on the brand, anywhere from 18m to 2t. my main concern is just keeping that pot-belly covered!
pants size: again, depending on the brand (and if she is wearing a cloth or disposable diaper) either 12-18m or 18-24m.
shoe size: 4
teeth: 6 on top and 6 on the bottom...with FOUR coming in right now. poor peanut.

fun things right now :
- she repeats every single thing we say. everything! even if we say "i love you, norah" she says "i love you, norah" right back to us. it's hilarious! her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds and i am continually impressed by her understanding of the world around her. it amazes me that i could show her something one time and two weeks later she points that same thing back out to me when we see it again. her mind is a little sponge! aside from learning new words every day, she is also speaking in short sentences and starting to ask us questions.
- singing singing singing! it's definitely her new favorite hobby. her favorite songs are ABC's, the itsy-bitsy spider, and wheels on the bus. she doesn't have all the words down but she's got the tune. i love hearing her sing what she interprets the words to be even if they are totally wrong. it makes it that much cuter!
- she can count successfully to 10 and sometimes further, though more often than not it goes 1-10, "elenen, telve, AY-TEEN! huhRAY!"
- she knows all her colors and common shapes (square, circle, triangle, heart, and star)
- she is starting to really use the potty! she still wears diapers everyday but she is telling me when she has to go (most of the time). when she is successful we do the potty dance and she gets an m&m! 
- she makes funny faces, gives the "hi sign," and shows us where her mustache is when we ask her.

favorites :
color: pink (much to my dismay! hehe) but she also likes red and yellow.
food: probably waffles. she asks for them most mornings and sometimes for lunch too. 
song: ABC's definitely. and also when we're in the car she asks for the "ooh oooh ooh" song, which is really the middle east's "blood"
toy: this is hard. if i had to guess i'd say either her babies (this could be any baby doll or stuffed animal. to her they're all her babies) with their blankets and bottles, or her play kitchen. she loves putting her "babies" down for a nap (covering them with blankets) and feeding them their bottles. she also loves making us "soup" in her kitchen. and waffles of course.
book: "what's wrong little pookie?" by sandra boynton or "potty" by leslie patricelli
movie/TV show: kung fu panda. close seconds are monsters inc. and sesame street. unfortunately for my sanity, she also still likes yo gabba gabba (though she only gets to watch it at mom-mom and pop-pop's house since i can't stand it!)
thing to do: blow bubbles outside! i think if i were to let her blow bubbles all day long she totally would. that, and swing on the swings at the park. my arms get SO tired pushing her!

babycenter's milestone chart for 20 months: 
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
feeds doll: yes...she feed dolls, stuffed animals, mommy and daddy, the dog...everyone.
takes off own clothes: not really. she can take her arms out of her sleeves but i have yet to see her take an item of clothing completely off (besides shoes)
dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away: i wouldn't call it imitation, because i can tell her to throw something away and she will. she does imitate other things i do like spreading peanut butter on toast, which she does in her play kitchen. "peeba budder! toast!"

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
learns words at a rate of ten or more a day: easily!
can walk up stairs (but probably not down): both, though down is much more nerve-wracking for me so i usually try and hold her hand. if my hands are full she slides down the stairs backwards on her belly.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
may start exploring genitals: sometimes, yes. usually only when going potty or having her diaper changed. she will point to her front or back and say "cooley" or "hiney" but thankfully she does not PLAY with these areas.
draws a straight line: ehh not yet. she colors like a fiend but her lines are far from straight. she can draw circles though but not just one. if i ask her to draw a circle she just makes a circle shape over and over on the page.
names several body parts: yes! she knows all the parts of her face, plus arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, and belly/belly button (plus cooley and hiney.....)

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