Friday, September 28, 2012

happy weekend!

aunt talie pushing norah on the swings

- - - - -

a weekend....NOT in south jersey! i never would have thought it could happen ;) since we aren't traveling this weekend, we plan on spending lots of time together and out doing fun things in our area. there are several fall harvest/music festivals going on both tomorrow and sunday and we're thinking of maybe hitting up a local flea market early tomorrow morning. have a great last weekend in september! (that was fast, huh?)

- speaking of flea markets, here are some great tips for flea market shopping.

- this disney trip (sans kids!) looks like a blast.

- i know a shirt of norah's i'll be doing this to.

- how to not raise a brat. love it!

- great list of autumn goals. what are yours?

- why mom guilt is good. interesting.

- what a family needs after a birth. wonderful suggestions!

- recreating a simpler time.

- LOVE this little dress!

- hehe. yep!

- gorgeous blog.

- and adorable new blog! swoon.


  1. Sounds like you have a busy/fun weekend ahead! Enjoy!

    Holli xo