Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wednesday night bubble-o-rama

when i tell norah it's time for bath, she asks for a bubble bath every. single. time. besides the fact that the expense of bubbles adds up quickly, being exposed to all those suds every night are just not good for her skin or um...lady parts. so as not to ruin her childhood forever, i decided that one bubble bath per week would be good and she can have just a regular old bath every other night.

wednesday night is THE night where she gets to have all the bubbles she wants. she gets super excited and rolls all over the tub, rubs bubbles in her hair and on her face and has so much fun. i know that our bubble bath nights will be something for her (and me!) to look forward to each week while she's still young enough to have them.


  1. Ahhh what a cutie! We have two bubble baths per week and sometimes I freeze some toys in a big bowl of water and turn it out in the bath so the kids can slowly retrieve the toys (Or 'gold' as they call it). Coloured water is also a special treat.
    Lovely blog!

    1. oooh fun ideas! i'll have to give those a try :)