Friday, September 21, 2012

happy weekend!

snacks in mommy & daddy's bed

- - - - -

friiiiiiiiday! and guess what? we're heading down to south jersey AGAIN on sunday. this time it is for an extra special occasion: my foster-brother-in-law (is that a thing? oh well) is getting baptized in the ocean! so we are going to be getting up bright and early sunday morning to make the drive down. i was baptized in the ocean 4 years ago this month and it was such a wonderful experience. i can't wait to be there for my brother! what are your plans this weekend? have a great time, and see you on monday.

- airstream road trip. so dreamy.

- lovely etsy shop.

- remember these cookies from last week? made them this morning - the best ever!

- loving these bonlook frames. i may or may not have entered more than one giveaway in order to get them ;) i also really like these and these.

- adorable DIY fox costume!

- yum.

- pumpkin pretzels. cute!

- loving everything in this big girl room.

- 7 things to do with pinecones. i really like the garland idea.

- i've expanded my ideas for norah's 2nd birthday party to include all animals, not just pandas. good thing i still have 3 months to narrow it down.

- great gift ideas! i'll have one of each, please.

- sweet little wooden brooch.

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