Friday, September 14, 2012

happy weekend!

"kiss, horsies"

- - - - -

it's friday and that means we're traveling..again! never too far though, we're heading back to south jersey to stay with mark's parents until sunday evening. our nephew's 1st birthday party is tonight (!), we're getting together with friends tomorrow, and then we're visiting our old church sunday morning and of course football all afternoon! we miss our home so much so every chance we get we head down if only for a few hours. have a great weekend, see you on monday!

- a dress with CATS on it! CAT DRESS.

- the rest of the shop where the cat dress lives. love the postcard set too.

- drooling.

- more drooling. i'll definitely be trying this recipe in the near future. (and we'll have those cookies for dessert!)

- escape into autumn.

- this article made me laugh out loud.

- the reason why i take advantage of snapfish's 99 prints for 99 cents deal.

- i bought this exact french press on clearance at target last week ($3.88! crazy!) thank you jess for teaching me how to use it!

- great prints.

- sad but sweet post from mandy about losing a pet.

- cozy fall collection.

- what parents say and what parents mean. hilarious!


  1. yayyy for south jersey! hopefully traffic isnt too bad!

    1. funny you should say that - traffic was horrible but it was because of an accident! it cleared up after about 10 miles. thankfully it wasn't benny/shoobie traffic ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing my post about What Parents Say. What Parents Mean. Much appreciated! :)

  3. Hahaha that picture is the cutest! Reminds me of childhood :p



  4. I saw this picture on your blog before and I just can't get over it! thanks so much for linking it up with the photo show and tell. I am excited to be featuring it tomorrow. The post will be up later tonight, so make sure to stop by and grab a button!

    Can't wait to see what you have to share this week! We are going with an "animal" theme this week--or if your kid is as wild as mine can be--animal-like! The link will be live later tonight. Thanks again,

    1. ahh that's great! thank you nancy!