Tuesday, July 31, 2012

worst mom ever


over the weekend we celebrated my niece lucy's birthday (post on that later). there was a pinata and norah managed to snag not one but TWO lollipops. i thought, ok she can hold both but i'm only going to open one. no big deal right? ....right?

well i open the brown one and things were going ok for the first 3 seconds before she tried to eat the red one  with the wrapper still on.

me: "do you want the red one instead?"
norah: "OK"
me: "ok, you're all done with brown?"
norah: "OK"
me: "ok, let me have the brown one i'm going to hold it for later"
norah: "OK"

so i re-wrap the brown one and put it in my back pocket so she couldn't see it. i unwrap the red and hand it to her. she is happy for .45 seconds before...

norah: "BOWN? BOWN? BOWN?"
me: "no, you have the red one now we'll save the brown one for later"

ok, she's a little upset
meltdown city

so sad, so terrible, so down right awful, huh? i mean come on, couldn't i have just given her TWO lollipops at once? even though she just ate cake and ice cream? even though it was almost bedtime? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! 

i guess i am just the worst mom ever. deal with it, norah.


  1. Oh my! I have looked through your blog and this little girl always seems SO HAPPY! I guess she is normal after all. Thanks for sharing this, and I am enjoying following your blog.

    1. hahaha yes she is definitely a NORMAL 19 month old. she's happy most of the time but she absolutely has her moments like this one. and when she does, i have to document it for proof ;)