Friday, July 20, 2012

happy weekend!

little feet, big shoes

- - - - -

what's everyone up to this weekend? i'm on the hunt for a local place to go strawberry and/or blueberry picking, then on sunday we're heading down to stay with mark's parents for a couple of nights! whatever you do, enjoy your time and i'll see you all on monday :)

- summer bucket list.

- shaving cream paint for the bath: very popular at little mouse's house.

- mommy and me journal. so sweet! 

10 simple things to make you happier at home.

- we had chicken & veggie stew for dinner last night and for the first time there were NO leftovers! delicious.

- leigh-ann from freckled nest has some great advice for those seeking a creative future.

- trending: black and white rugs in kid's rooms.

- need to buy a house so i can build a home office/studio.

- summer camps for grown ups!

- hehe, yep.

- i know it's old but i just can't resist.

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