Friday, July 27, 2012

happy weekend!

the newest trick: showing off her guns!

- - - - -

what's everyone up to this weekend? we're looking forward to a lazy saturday and then our friend's son's 1st birthday and our niece's 3rd birthday parties on sunday! there will be a PONY at the second party! i can't wait, norah is going to lose her mind. see you all on monday!

- another paint recipe i came across on pinterest. will definitely be trying this one!

- family night at a drive-in theater. that backseat looks sooo cozy.

- rachel at smile and wave also gives us a review of the book of new family traditions. i'd definitely like to check this one out.

- i've got baby fever! someone talk me down!

- summer e-course sale at red velvet! 25% off with code SUMMERSALE. good until august 1st!

- great advice.

- a painting party! i would love to do this for norah but it really should be outside. darn winter birthdays.

- this is too funny: instagram cookies!

- interesting post on "mompetition" - what's your take on the topic?

- when all else fails...take a nap.

- project life art journal series by janel at run with!

- the color run is coming to new jersey!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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