Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a thought

the other day my niece lucy had been resting her head on the edge of the kiddie pool, just staring at her feet, perfectly content with where she was. we wondered what she was thinking, and realized that she probably wasn't thinking about anything at all. when I am in a quiet place, my mind tends to bounce all over, creating a mental to-do list and worrying if I have enough hours in the day to get it all done. not to mention all other life circumstances and extra worries to pile on top of that.

the beautiful thing about childhood is that "worrying" does not exist. "to-do" lists don't exist. the only direction a child's mind has to go is to a place of imagination and wonder. what if our adult minds were capable of such a thing? how much more beautiful could adulthood be if we could learn to just rest our heads on the kiddie pool and be happy in the moment we're in?

a special thanks to my niece for reminding me not to worry so much and to just be present in each moment, happy exactly where I am. who knew a three year old could be such a great teacher?

norah, lost in her own world


  1. Allie you are such a gifted writer, when I read your posts it is not just words but feelings and emotions that come through. Thanks for the glimpse into you heart.

    1. that is quite the compliment! thank you so much, and thanks for reading :) love you!