Friday, July 20, 2012

norah's style

norah picked her own outfit this morning:

clearly, she loves getting her picture taken

most of the time, i am the one to get norah dressed in the morning. i love to mix and match pieces from her wardrobe to come up with unique and cute little outfits for her. it's especially fun for me to see how many different ways she can wear an article of clothing. my personal style is usually reflected in whatever norah is wearing that day.

lately, however, she has been expressing her opinions about the items of clothing she owns. if i say "how about this shirt (dress/jumper/pants/etc.)?" she will tell me "ok" or "NO!" i usually just put what i want on her regardless of what she says but then i sort of feel bad. i know she doesn't really know what she's wearing (or care, for that matter), but i can't help but feel a little guilty for essentially dressing my daughter like i would a doll. what if she doesn't actually like wearing converse sneakers or anything with birds on it?? bad mommy!

i want norah to be able to express herself creatively. if that means wearing halloween costumes to go grocery shopping, or pairing cowboy boots with sweatpants then so be it. as long as her outfit of choice is appropriate for the weather, i have no problem allowing her to choose her own clothes. it is more important to me that she develops a personality with opinions and a sense of style that are all her own than to have a "mini me." whatever i can do to help her find herself i will do, even if that means giving in to outfits like today's.

- - - - -

on norah:
-shirt: old navy hand me down
-leggings: circo
-boots: circo
-birdie clip: handmade

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