Friday, July 13, 2012

happy weekend!

bubbles on the boardwalk!

- - - - -

what are you guys up to this weekend? we have no set plans(!) so i'm looking forward to spending lots of quality time with mark and little mouse. maybe we'll go on an adventure or two or if these thunderstorms hit us we'll resort to fort making and living room picnics. here are some links to hold you over until monday:

- colors of humans

- ahh .. sanity ;)

- 7 parenting tips for raising a life long learner

- a new reality show about extended breastfeeding?

- a lovely place for a family vacation

- thinking of trying a project from pinterest? check here first. too funny.

- i highly recommend this chicken carbonara recipe

- love this etsy shop .. we have a couple not enough prints in norah's room

- and speaking of prints, i NEED this one ... and this one too

- hehe so true

- bow garland!!

- my friend makes awesome jewelry out of old skateboards! check out her shop here

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