Friday, July 27, 2012

our lovey

norah has a couple of stuffed animals that she clings to. one, being the grinch, who we call "chew." and another being a little red mouse from ikea who is named "ruby." chew has been her buddy for a few months now and ruby is starting to work her way up to a close number two.

lately, norah has been very affectionate toward a third animal and let me tell you it melts my heart. this bear was my bear when i was a baby, and she's been with me ever since. her name is "baby allison" (haha) and i took her everywhere with me. even as i grew she came with me to college and when i moved away. she even had a place in my apartment as a newlywed. when norah came along i kept her close by still, sitting in the corner of the crib.

now norah is growing to love baby allison as much as i did (and still do). my bear will be the first, of many, things that i hope to pass down to norah one day. it makes my heart so happy to see them together, and to hear norah call out for her friends "chew", "boobee", and "assin."


  1. So cute! I still have my teddy bear from when I was younger than I'm saving for my daughter.

    1. that's why i saved mine for so long! i thought i would give it to her when she was older, but she drew to it much sooner. i'm happy either way :)