Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one of the cool kids

this is not my first time starting a blog. i attempted to get one going when i was 7-8 months pregnant with my daughter (who is now 1 1/2). i would post here and there, and promise my self that I WILL BLOG MORE in the new year! but then, the new year brought a new baby and my blogging dreams took a backseat. which is FINE, because hello, i had a BABY! 

but now that she is older and i am finally able to stay home with her i have all this time on my hands. and i still have that blogging itch. i read other people's blogs everyday (ok, twice a day...three times a day...mark says i am obsessed. he is probably right. only don't tell him i said that) and i love everything about them. i love reading the posts, looking at the pictures, i love the design, the creativity and learning about these people and their lives who i've never even met. it's strange how you can form such a connection with people this way. but that's really what this whole thing is about right? making connections. because why else would anyone put themselves out there for everyone to see if they weren't looking to make connections. to meet people just like you and some not so much like you. to open yourself up to a whole new world (*cue jasmine singing*) outside your own.

but i digress. 

whenever i look at other blogs i think ahh how COOL! i want to do that. only until now i haven't actually gotten up the guts to actually DO IT. i was so nervous (why??) and scared to start that i just kept pushing it off and pushing it off. 

well HERE IT IS. the first post. the first of many i hope. i am now one of the cool kids. (awwww yea!)

stay tuned :)

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