Tuesday, October 9, 2012


no matter what i begin doing today, i start losing interest about 2 minutes in. i guess it's just one of those blah-days where i don't feel like doing anything at all. it's rainy and cold and i'm just plain tired. norah is taking a longer-than-usual nap (and because i just said that she's probably going to wake up right.....now.....) and i'm sitting here wishing i took advantage of this free time by taking a nap myself. maybe i would wake up feeling a little more motivated for the rest of the day? who am i kidding though, weather like this means PJ's, a movie, and snuggles with my peanut. folding the laundry can wait. answering e-mail can wait. heck, the fridge is full of leftovers so i don't even have to cook dinner today.

and i was right, i can hear norah starting to wake up in her room. i'll get her out and take her downstairs where we'll share a snack and i'll have another cup of tea. we'll watch sesame street or maybe a movie and i'll snuggle her to pieces. we'll have a tickle fight or two or twenty and we'll play "horsie tea party" (her favorite lately). i'll make her laugh, but she'll make me laugh more. i'll kiss her and hug her and tell her i love her.

maybe this won't be an unproductive day after all.



  1. I always feel exactly like this on rainy days. It can be sooo hard to get out of my pj's and force myself to work and Kale to school. There are absolutely days I think about calling in sick for both of us and spending our day camped out in front of movie, munching on a living room picnic! Hope you and your little enjoyed lots of snuggles :)

    1. ahh living room picnics are the best! :)