Monday, October 15, 2012

makin' it monday // pumpkin planter

this week's project was based off this pinterest search. i had seen photos from around the internet of people planting their mums or other fall flowers inside a pumpkin and thought it was such a cute idea. after searching pinterest for a bit, i decided to try something similar with norah. instead of planting flowers, i wanted to try growing a pumpkin plant. we simply carved open a pumpkin, scooped out some (not all) of the guts, and added soil on top. now we'll just have to wait and see if anything actually grows!


pulling off the top

not a fan of the guts. i'm actually pretty surprised by this one.

leave a good amount of guts inside, but clear out enough room for the soil.

scoop the soil into the pumpkin. 

take outside and water it. then wait!

i'll be sure to update this post if anything grows ;)