Thursday, October 11, 2012

thrifting thursday // v. 8

last week norah and i took an impromptu afternoon trip to the beach since it was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s outside. on our way there, we stopped at the red balloon kids consignment shop in manasquan. i didn't intend on buying anything (isn't that the case?); i just wanted to have a look around since i was in town. we browsed the aisles for a bit and we were getting to leave when this little beauty caught my eye:

a wooden baby bassinet! lately norah has so much fun with her babies (and by babies i mean both dolls and stuffed animals. to her they're all babies.) she wraps them in "bankies" and gives them "ba-bas" but she was missing a crib to keep them in. they were all just shoved into a fabric bin in one of those ikea cube organizers.

but then the skies opened up and this gorgeous little rocking bassinet came down from the heavens. am i being too dramatic? oh ok, sorry.

but really, i love this little thing! it needs to be sanded down in a few spots and mark thinks we should paint it but i think it looks great just as it is. and it was only $10! they also had a plastic fisher price version of this for $8 - uhh no thanks. i prefer wooden toys over plastic any day! 

as much as i wanted to give this to norah right away, i exercised some self control and put it away for christmas or her birthday. i've been meaning to sew her a couple of new dolls and some clothes so that plus a new crib will be the perfect gift to give her. maybe i'll get really wild a sew a new quilt for them too! ;)

also last week i found this on the side of the road:

a pretty little hat box! i didn't have a use for it until now - it can hold her brand new baby blankets and doll clothes :)

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