Monday, October 1, 2012


besides scaring the poop out of my daughter, i am currently.... 

LOVING: that as i'm typing this i am wearing a heavy sweater, jeans, and thick knit socks and it's comfortable! yay yay yay fall fall fall la la weekend we're going apple and pumpkin picking! my favorite ever! LOVING fall!!! (sorry for all the exclamation points hehe)

READING: shut the door by amanda marquit. she wrote it when she was only 16! i'm only a few pages in but it's pretty good so far. the inner jacket says "Lilliana and Vivian are two teenage sisters struggling to carve out their own identities as young adults, taking risks and undergoing disturbing transformations that go unchallenged by their emotionally absent parents. Beatrice and Harry's marriage is disintegrating and it no longer provides the safe harbor their daughters so desperately need...This evocative family portrait reveals just what happens when our support systems fall away and we become emotionally disconnected from the ones we love the most." i don't know about you, but other people's dysfunction - real or not - has always been a source of entertainment for me. whether it be in books or on tv shows like intervention or hoarders. maybe that makes me nuts haha i don't know. either way, i'm liking this book!

WATCHING: dexter season 6. season 7 started last night and i forgot how behind i was! i'm almost finished with this season so hopefully i can watch the first episode of season 7 tonight.

THINKING ABOUT: what i said last month about going back to work. i think i do want to go back, but i'm still thinking about how. i could go back full time, part time, 9-5, night shift, weekends, work from home...there are so many options. and just today i had a great idea for a business that doesn't exist in our area right now. i'm really excited about the possibility, and it combines several of my passions into one job. and i likely won't have to work full time! bonus hehe. but anyway...i'm thinking about this new adventure i might take and if/how i can make it work. on a related note...still thinking about if/when we're going to move out of my parents' house. right now the current plan is to wait until after the holidays and start the new year in a new home. we'll see!

ANTICIPATING: halloween! i can't wait to take norah trick-or-treating!! she has a few costumes to choose from so i'm not sure what she's going to be until about ten minutes before we go out. last year she was a squirrel. ha! we didn't go trick or treating though. mark had to work, and she was only 9 months old so i didn't really see the point. now she knows what candy is (ugh) so this year should be pretty great for her :)

LISTENING TO: david crowder band. lately in the car all i want to listen to is worship music and david crowder is my current choice (hillsong united is usually number one). my favorite songs of theirs are "glory of it all" and "how he loves us." if you haven't heard them already i highly recommend checking them out! 

WORKING ON: growing this blog some more! i've got a few new features in mind that i'd like to try out in the coming months. i've said it before - i would love for this blog to be my job, so i'm working on it as much as i can and trying to make it the best it can be! but even if i never make a dime, i still consider this blog my creative baby so i still want to make it wonderful. 

WISHING: that norah would stay asleep! i can hear her stirring in her crib and it is much too soon for her to be waking up from her nap. mama has things to do! 



  1. I've been wanting to read that book. I didn't realize that the author was only 16 when she wrote it! You'll have to let me know if you enjoy it.

    As for work - you're super lucky that you have the choice (I'm sure you know this). From a mama that works full time out of the home, I have to say that I think the BEST would be if I could find meaningful part-time work. I think that's pretty rare, but if I could choose anything - that's where I'd be.

    1. i DO know that i'm very lucky! i wasn't always able to stay home. i worked 40-50 hours a week from the time my daughter was 2 months-14 months. the only reason i can stay home now is because we moved in with my parents :/

      however, with our move came a new and much improved job for my husband so if we were to move out tomorrow, we could probably squeeze by without me working but it would be very tight. so yes, while we're at my mom and dad's i don't HAVE to work, but i don't want to be here forever!! hehe. we're starting to think of moving out in the next few months so i'm trying to figure out what i'll do.

      i agree with you - meaningful part time work would be AMAZING. ::fingers crossed::