Friday, October 5, 2012

happy weekend!

a good part of each day is spent on the porch, watching the cars and "skoo busses" go by

- - - - -

ahhh it's friday again. have you guys seen this e-card? made me laugh :) tomorrow morning we're going to look at a few new cars for me (woohoo!) so i'm pretty excited! mark will be taking my honda accord now that he's commuting for work. we'll be selling his truck and getting a wagon or smaller SUV for me. and the weather for sunday is calling for rain all day and much cooler temperatures - also excited for that! have a great weekend, see you on monday!

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- well, i know what we're having for breakfast tomorrow.

- gorgeous little fawn.

- montessori-inspired fall activities. we'll be trying out a bunch of these!

- have an old cardigan? up-cycle it!

- the clean eating approved foods list.

- a great read on having an only child.

- thrifty kitchen tips.

- how often do you take your kid(s) outside?

- cute temporary tattoo.

- shop shades of autumn.

- adorable piano plush!

- vegan oreo-style cookie recipe. looks yummy!

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