Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hurricane sandy

as you know, hurricane sandy devastated the east coast over the past few days. we are praising God that we are safe and sound, though without power and unsure of when it will return. many friends and family are posting pictures of the aftermath. our old street in ocean city was 6ft underwater. homes are floating down the street, as are cars, people in boats, and tons of wreckage. trees and power lines are down everywhere. I haven't seen a single boardwalk still in tact. this is the worst storm we've ever experienced in our lifetimes.

my husband, Norah, and I have traveled south to his parents' house since they have power. we had to wait in a line 45 mins long just to get gas on the parkway. but now that we are here, we are in a warm house and we have working phone/Internet service so we can at least be in touch.

though our family is ok, many are not. the news report yesterday said 3 million people are without power and I'm sure the number has gone up since then. many people are returning to their shore homes today to find there is nothing left. it's such a tragedy, and so very upsetting knowing your childhood home, the place you grew up, the place your memories were made, the place you live and love is just...gone.

again, my family is extremely lucky to only have experienced loss of power through all of this. many many people have it so much worse. please keep our communities in your prayers.

***the following are a few pictures I took with my phone yesterday. we drove around our neighborhood just surveying the damage. no flooding in our town, but lots of trees and power lines down.

on a car

there's a house under there

 another tree on a house

right around the corner from our house

through the roof

fallen tree blocking the road

another fallen tree
the line for gas....we're halfway there 



  1. Wow! These really tell the tale. Glad you are safe.

  2. Wow!! The photos of those huge trees plucked out of the ground! It must have been very scary. Glad to hear your all safe. What a huge clean up and aftermath.

  3. i'm so glad you are all safe! the damage sandy left behind is really awful. we are in central pa and didn't experience too much damage here. a few without power for a few hours at the most and an occasional tree down. prayers for all of your friends/neighbors affected by her sandy's fury.

  4. Wow! So glad you're safe! The pictures of the trees are crazy!


  5. The images that I've seen over the past week are just unbelievable. Our friends in Atlantic Beach had quite a bit of damage and are still without power. I'm so glad, that we always leave when anything from a category two hurricane comes our way here in Florida. Last big one we were without power for 3 weeks and luckily only had damage to our pool enclosure and some minor roof damage. Others weren't so lucky. Glad you guys are okay...

  6. Whoah! Look at those toppled trees! They look kinda scary and terrifying! But the sad part was how these fallen trees damaged these houses. Well, I hope that the owners were able to clean all the mess and have their roofs repaired. It is hard to imagine a house with fallen trees on it.