Thursday, December 27, 2012

someone's turning two!

little mouse's 2nd birthday is in 20 DAYS! i cannot believe it. i will be totally cliche and say that it feels like i just got done planning her 1st birthday but it really does. especially since the holiday season always flies by! but now that christmas is over i am in full-on party planning mode.

the most fun part of birthdays (for me) is present-giving! we try to keep christmas simple so that we can spoil norah a little more on her birthday. after all, her birthday IS about HER and christmas is not. here are a few things i've had my eye on and that i know she would love:

4. wheely cow (large)
7. rabbit and raccoon puppets

while we don't have the means to get her all of these things (and even if we did, i wouldn't get it all. as much as i love to buy things for norah i just can't justify going too crazy.) a few people had asked me for ideas on what to get her. if you're out there reading - just pick off this list! ;)


  1. These are all great picks and I think Norah would love them all (I know Kale would!).

    1. i'm crossing my fingers, hoping she gets a couple things off this list. it's funny, i would love to get her these things and she's too young to have a clue!