Thursday, December 20, 2012

thrifting thursday // v. 11

The parts for Norah's "big" Christmas gift this year all came from thrifting in some form! I'm really excited with everything we got and even more excited about the money we saved by buying second hand. 

Because we were able to save so much, we were able to help out two separate families this holiday season by sending them gifts for their children who otherwise wouldn't have had anything to open on Christmas morning. And THAT is what Christmas is about right? (At least part of it.) I'd much rather help others who need it more than buy for my family who doesn't need a single thing this year. True joy is found in giving and that's what I hope to teach Norah. 

We decided as a family to keep Norah's Christmas gifts on the small side. She will get 3 gifts from Santa, as Jesus got 3 gifts, plus some small stocking stuffers. I don't want her to grow up thinking Christmas is all about her and all the new toys she might get, but I also don't want to rob her of the excitement of opening presents on Christmas morning. By limiting her gifts we're doing good on her part and we're also doing good for others. Win-win in my book.

Anyway, I'm rambling and I've yet to share my thrifting scores! Here we go:

I found both these wooden pieces from the same consignment shop on different days. The high chair was already white so we simply painted the cradle to match!

The cabbage patch doll and the mini granny square quilt were each from separate thrift stores. 

Total cost: $24

The dress that the cabbage patch doll was wearing was hideous, so after searching around on ebay for a new one, I came across a listing for all of these (handmade!) doll dresses, plus the one she's wearing in the first picture. I ended up winning the auction and I'm even happier with these than I thought I'd be. They are so cute in person!

Total cost: $5.50

I can't wait to see Norah's face on Tuesday morning. She has been really interested in her one baby doll lately and I'm so happy to be able to add to her "collection" of baby things. She's quite the little mommy! 

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