Friday, January 18, 2013

happy weekend!

i think she likes her tent ;)

- - - - -

whew another week over! what are your plans this weekend? we're trying to stay home as much as possible since we put norah in UNDIES this morning! yay! she's doing really well so far. i'm hoping this long weekend  home and focused on using the potty will be the push she needs to be in undies full time. fingers crossed! it's also supposed to snow so it will be a great excuse to hang out inside, snuggle, and watch lots of movies :) have a great weekend and we'll be back on monday!

- take better photos with your iphone. great tips!

- loving this shirt over at hello apparel.

- 5 minute, 5-step, $5 leggings. cute!

- single serving chocolate cookie recipes: oven and microwave

- make your ikea billy bookshelves look like built-ins. genius!

- 6 hilarious low-effort toddler games.

- would you hover here?

- crazy awesome deals site.

- gorgeous tumblr.

- amazing DIY: cardboard playhouses! i would love to do this with wood for outdoor use.

- loving this triangle quilt.

- make something!


  1. She enjoy it, alright :) I wish I could have a more space in my house for such a lovely tent for my daughter. Greets! :)

    1. ugh, we don't even have the space! what this picture doesn't show is this other half of her room where i shoved everything else out of the way ;) she absolutely loves the tent so it's a good time to down-size with the rest of her toys!