Thursday, January 17, 2013

24 months old


stats :
height: 34 in
weight: 26 lbs
shirt size: 18-24m/2T
pants size: 18-24m/2T
shoe size: 5
teeth: 16 still, no new ones yet

fun things right now :

- norah has full on conversations with her toys. so stinkin' funny!
- she loves snuggling with us in our bed and watching movies. and when i say watching movies, i really mean she watches the intro to a movie and then asks for a different movie, watches that intro and asks for another, watches that intro and asks for another, and so on...
- she has become very helpful with chores. she likes to feed the dog, "sweep" the floor, set and clear the table, and put away her toys. she especially likes to help me cook and bake!
- she's very interested in music. she loves to play piano and she loves to sing and dance. 

favorites :
color: purple
food: fruit snacks, waffles, macaRONI, yogurt, broccoli
song: "kickin' song" which is bruno mars - locked out of heaven
toy: probably her picnic set she got from her uncle matt for christmas. it's played with daily!  
book: brown bear brown bear what do you see? - eric carle
movie/TV show: the little mermaid :) 
thing to do: have a picnic, play piano, color

babycenter's milestone chart for 24 months: 
mastered skills (most kids can do)

names at least six body parts - definitely
half of speech is understandable - i'd say about 90% makes sense
makes two- to three-word sentences - all the time!

emerging skills (half of kids can do)

talks about self - non stop haha
arranges things in categories - she lines up her cars and horses in a "parade," separating the cars and the horses. i guess that's sort of arranging in categories?
can walk down stairs - she goes down backwards on her belly. i'm too scared to let her try the big stairs. if it's just a couple steps i hold her hand and she can get down.

advanced skills (a few kids can do)

begins to understand abstract concepts (e.g., sooner and later) - starting to understand, but not all the way there yet
becomes attuned to gender differences - she can tell the difference between a boy and girl, a man and a lady
learns to jump - she hops :)


  1. LOVE the picture! What a cutie patootie :)

  2. Haha - she is so adorable! I love the crown.
    Happy birthday to the little lady :)