Friday, November 16, 2012

22 months old


stats :
height: 32 in
weight: 24 lbs
shirt size: 18m to 2T
pants size: 18-24m to 2T
shoe size: 4-5
teeth: 16! 8 on top and 8 on bottom

fun things right now :
- norah has a new hobby...hiding. the best part? she doesn't even actually HIDE anywhere! her version of "hiding" is standing/sitting in the same spot she was already in and simply closing her eyes. sometimes, she'll use her hands to cover them. usually the "hiding" is a result of mark or I telling her it's time to do something she doesn't want to do (i.e. get a diaper change, blow her nose). she's wack.
- still singing like crazy! she knows the alphabet and she has her own versions of wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle little star, baa-baa black sheep, and itsy bitsy spider.
- she learned that a stop sign is in the shape of an octagon, so whenever we're driving she likes to point out all the "ocka-gons"
- she has started talking to her babies or animals in the same way mark and i talk to her. tone, specific phrases, everything. it's actually kind of creepy haha but it makes me more conscious of how i'm speaking to her and the words i'm using!
- she is becoming extremely picky with what she's wearing. i've created a monster!

favorites :
color: purple
food: noodles, hands down. luckily she'll eat them in a variety of ways so at least i can get veggies in her too
song: ABC's and "piano songs" which is anything by regina spektor :) :) :)
toy: still her babies. santa is going to be bringing her a crib and high chair for them, plus some other little accessories :) 
book: "quiet, loud" by leslie patricelli and all the pip and posy books
movie/TV show: BRAVE! it's a new favorite ever since we got to do a review/giveaway a couple of weeks ago :)
thing to do: "toysa-maaahmee?" (toys with mommy) she is in a stage where i have to play everything WITH her. it is extremely sweet, but it leaves me a very small window in the afternoon during her nap to get anything else done. if i try to leave the room she freaks and if i bring her with me she stands literally ON my feet. ugh.

babycenter's milestone chart for 22 months: 
mastered skills (most kids can do)
kicks ball forward: yes, and sideways hehe
follows two-step requests (e.g., "get your doll and bring it here"): yes, pretty good with this

emerging skills (half of kids can do)
does simple puzzles: yes. she likes the ones with little pegs to pick up the pieces
draws a straight line: uhh, sort of i think. she draws A LOT but it's more like she's drawing lines over and over. it's not necessarily straight on purpose. make sense?

names several body parts: yep! everything on the face and main parts of the body (arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, belly/belly button, back, hiney, cooley)

advanced skills (a few kids can do)
puts on loose fitting clothes: i've only ever seen her put her poncho on by herself. not sure if she can do sleeves or pant legs!
might be ready for a big bed: we've actually talked about converting her crib sometime soon! maybe after christmas
understands opposites: i know she knows the difference between big/small and hot/cold. maybe some others too!


  1. Ethan does the "hiding," too! It's so funny and I can't help but laugh, even if I'm trying to get him to do something and he's hiding so he doesn't have to, lol.

    1. hahaha it's SO funny! i crack up every time!